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Vaporizer Products

Looking for a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes that will allow you to keep all aspects of your habit yet get rid of your dependence on traditional tobacco?

At Popie’s Vapor Lounge, we carry a complete selection of vaporizers that provide you with a healthy, tobacco-free alternative to cigarettes.

Founded on a commitment to kick an addiction to cigarettes, we have everything that you'll ever need to make the switch, including a complete selection of vaporizers, heating elements (coil, atomizer, and wicks), E-liquids, authentic mods, personal vaporizers, and accessories like cases and lanyards.


Our products are 4,000 times safer than traditional tobacco products while allowing you to make a step in the right direction — benefiting your health, as well as the health of those around you. Our friendly team possesses extensive knowledge in the use and maintenance of an extensive number of products — no matter your preference, we’ll be able to help. On top of our extensive inventory, we also offer a rewards program with Perkville, allowing our clients to accrue points as they continue to visit our store.

Want to learn more about the products that we have in store, as well as what they can do for you?

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